How to Apply

for a Habitat House

Fill out a pre-qualification application available by clicking the "Apply Here" button below. Or apply in person at the Habitat office, the Lexington Restore, or the Buena Vista Restore.  When your applicatin is finished, return it to the Habitat Office  on 30 Preston Street in Lexington.
If your pre-qualification application is approved, you will be asked to complete a full application and provide employment, financial, and other documentation. 



After Selection

If your full application is approved,
Habitat staff will guide you through
the loan process and your build
partnership with Habitat. 




Number in  Household             Maximum Income

       1 person                               $21,450 - $34,250

       2 persons                             $24,500 - $39,150

       3 persons                             $27,550 - $44,050

       4 persons                             $30,600 - $48,950

       5 persons                             $33,050 - $52,850

       6 persons                             $35,500 - $56,800

       7 persons                             $37,950 - $60,700

       8 persons                             $40,400 - $64,600

Does your household’s ANNUAL gross income fall within these limits for the number of people?

Each person over 18 must contribute 200 hours of "sweat equity." Sweat equity requires the home owner and family to contribute throughout the building process on not only their future home, but other home construction as well. Don't worry: no experience is needed. Our staff will teach you what you need to know!


All adults in the family must attend the 9 week Homebuyer Education class, which includes information about financial management, understanding credit and predatory lending, home maintenance, and much more. 


You will be required to make a down payment of $500-$1,250 on your house.